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66 year old Widow receives household items

Last week Monday, saw the continuation of the Odi Kuno outreach community program by volunteers of the Cherise Makubale Foundation.

A 66 year old grandmother and widow from Twapia who is struggling to make ends meet, was the recipient of various household groceries. Among the items donated were a mattress, duvet, pillows, a 25kg bag of meal, sugar, salt, cooking oil etc

This program is specifically targeted at widows, widowers and the elderly in Ndola who are struggling with the upkeep of their household and feeding the families they look after due to poverty, unemployment or circumstances beyond their control.

CMF is a mobile charity directly working at grass root level with people in the community. This would not be possible without your donations, so please consider donating your unwanted items mainly clothing, shoes, school accessories to mention a few,  as we still have so many vulnerable people needing your help

Thank you

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