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**The Charity operations have now changed, new website will be available in August with all the new information but briefly....**


The Charity has now streamlined all operations to working only on the copperbelt.

It will now be called the Cherise Makubale Community Fund which is targeted at small charitable projects that directly helps communities like orphanages, community schools, women's groups, youth groups, sports etc . 

We support various needs for these such as the purchase of books, blankets, clothing, mosquito nets, mattresses, skills training, sports equipment etc

Please note that we no longer sponsor or fund individuals unless at the discretion of the founder but we will still see through the few individuals that we currently sponsor and we will continue our widows programs for the next 3 years.


We are a small mobile charity with funding of between K5000 and K15000 depending on allocation and funding available. We do not give out loans, or sponsor businesses nor sponsor churches.

After many years of working in different towns of Zambia, the foundation has streamlined all operations to only work on the copperbelt for easier management as the volunteer team is based there and it's easier for logistics, accountability and transparency.


We are a mobile charity working directly in the communities with the help of volunteers.

For more information email:

Thank you and God bless

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