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Cherise Makubale 

The earliest memory I have of working with children was when I was about 10 years old. My mother use to take me to the supermarkets and would always buy extra bread for the vulnerable kids on the streets and when I asked why, she would say: "They need to know that someone cares for them”

I went on to continue working with children during my teenage years through various beauty pageant charitable projects. I eventually participated and won a reality show called Big Brother Africa which gave me a great deal of exposure for my charity work.

I helped several different charities including but not limited to; women’s shelters at hospitals, orphanages, the disabled groups and co-founded a children’s "edutainment" park which was a facility that provided educational awareness programs in a play park setting.

My main focus is vulnerable children and orphans as this is my passion and now that I have finished with most on the ground projects and moved to the UK permanently, I decided to streamline my work through this foundation because it focuses on education as a right for every child regardless of where they come from and as a means of breaking the poverty cycle through the support of the child, support of the school and support of the family.

Zambia has been highly affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, which has resulted in a lot of orphans and vulnerable kids, and while there are organisations working on the prevention and awareness of this devastating disease, and with the advancement of new medicines, we still need to ensure that these children’s education carrys on no matter what household they are coming from.

All team members are volunteers, loyal, honest and are on the ground in Zambia making sure all donations go specifically to those in need. There is clear accountability and transparency.

I believe that “The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”

Whilst we may not help everyone, everyone can help someone.

Please help us, to help them and click on the donate button.

The Team

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It was Cherise's passion for helping others that made me want to get involved. I have previously supported some charities and individuals in the past and was happy to lend my help. I am a software engineer by trade and have visited Zambia a number of times and seen the works of the foundation.

I intend to teach IT skills to the young children in the foundation, as work has become more computer based. I will be be sourcing for laptops or iPads for the vulnerable kids to use as they have no equipment.

I believe in the Three Precepts of Buddhism: 

Do not harm others

Strive to do good

Be kind to all sentient beings

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Operations Manager


I have known Cherise Makubale since we were teenagers, way before she won Big brother and we have worked together on several businesses and charitable projects, so it came naturally for me to volunteer for the foundation as I have a passion for orphans, widows and the less privileged.

It breaks my heart each time I come across people who are in need and feel there is always something we can do as individuals or organisations to better their lives. Every little contribution helps and can make a big difference in someone’s life.

On a personal note, I am the CEO of Dayspring Home Trends and have personally played a key role in my extended family so I am happy to volunteer my time and experience to be operations Manager for this foundation.

I am on the ground making sure that donations go straight where they are needed with clear transparency and accountability and seeking for more sponsors to come on board.

I am honoured to be part of this foundation and am glad that years after winning Big Brother, Cherise has continued to touch so many lives including my late sister’s orphans.

Please help us to help make children’s lives better.

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I became an orphan aged 8 when I lost both my Parents. It was not easy growing up without them but luckily different family members whom am so grateful to, looked after me. As an orphan I never lacked food, shelter, clothing or education and I thank everyone that has contributed to what I am today but I know that I was lucky and there are so many who are not.

I met Cherise Makubale in 2013 during some radio promotions for her charity work and I remember writing the name “Cherise Makubale” as an answer during my primary year 7 exam in my social studies paper, little did I know that I will be working with her in future.

Before then, I only use to see some charity work done by her on TV and newspapers and when I first had a chat with her in person, I could see her love for kids and the girl child so the moment she shared with me the idea of Cherise Makubale Foundation I did not hesitate to jump on board and be part of this noble work because I believe we share something in common which is seeing the lives of children made easier.

As someone who grew up as an orphan I have passion for kids, more especially the orphans and the vulnerable. I have worked with kids before in Physical Education (using the power of sports to bring a smile on their faces).

Apart from my voluntary work as a Secretary of Cherise Makubale Foundation, I work for a college radio station called Hone FM as a Sports Producer, Presenter, Transmission and Marketing.

I can relate to orphans and vulnerable children because of my experience and I know I was lucky because my extended family looked after me but unfortunately thousands out there are not so lucky and need our help.

Help us make children’s lives easier

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