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Happy Youth Day !!

Happy Youth Day!!

I am very proud of this young man. He found me working on a personal project many years ago and asked if he could help in any capacity to help raise funds for school.

His hard work, humbleness and drive made me pay attention to him.

My charity ended up sponsoring his catering course.

He is now working at an events centre in Ndola and I know this is just the beginning for him. To this day he still volunteers his time on his day off.

Ba Youth, as you go about your job hunting or project funding, try to show what you can offer those who might potentially help you. It could just be to volunteer your time or to run around for them etc but set yourself apart with no attitude of entitlement.

Ps: Youth groups/clubs/centres in Ndola Zambia only, set a reminder and apply for the Cherise Makubale Community Fund i July. Approximately K10,000 but will be confirmed in April). More details will follow as the charity is changing how it operates. God bless

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