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Odi Kuno Program

The primary focus of the Cherise Makubale Foundation is the educational sponsorship of vulnerable children. Alongside that, we also support related programs such as vulnerable women skills development, youth empowerment , community schools refurbishment and community sports.

We have recently launched the “Odi Kuno” family support program which is mainly targeted at vulnerable widows, widowers and the elderly who are struggling with the upkeep of their household and feeding the families they look after due to poverty or circumstances beyond their control.

We are aiming to start with 4 families on a rotational basis and provide them with groceries, toiletries, clothing and educational materials where funding allows.

We can only continue running these programs with your help.

Please support us by donating to this cause with either groceries, clothing, financial or other household items.

Help us to help them

Thank you

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